BSF UI/UX Design



March 2024 – 65th anniversary

Concept Prototype

Feb 2024 – Support

Support Page Redesign


July 2020 – BSF App

Best viewed in browesr, not on device.

BSF App Design July 2020 7-15-20

BSF App Store Marketing 3 8-17-20

June 2020 – P4G Website Refinement

updated 6-29-2020

Jan 2020 – EPIC-39 MyBSF Design Specification

updated 1-22-2020 IN PROGRESS

MyBSF Style Guide 4.pdf

OC 1-29-2020 MyBSF Style Guide 4 InDesign to BSF HQ


Dec 2019 – EPIC 37 – BSF International Giving

updated 12-6-19

Video Walkthrough of Breakpoints

Mar 2019 – MyBSF Login/Profile Selection

Updated 3-21-19

Video Walkthrough of Concept 3-21-19

Feb 2019 – MyBSF/Knack Integration

Updated 2-22-19

This is a proposed design of displaying the current knack database inside of MyBSF. This proof of concept is running on Knack with a wordpress simulation of MyBSF.

Jan 2019 – BSF Public Site Home Page

Updated 1-5-19

This is a proposed design with a more subtle background video (re-edited and slowed down to be less distracting) and layout closer to original design by Five Stones.


MyBSF Concept Mobile

MyBSF Spring 2018 Mobile App-Website Walkthrough Video Tour

Clickable Member Concept 3-4-18

MyBSF Concept Desktop

Clickable CA/TL Concept 3-4-18


Updated 8-21-18

Play Concept Video (23 minutes)

Non-Clickable Screens

Meetings/MyGroup/Attendance August 2018

MyBSF Previsualization review and download video


Virtual Groups Introduction Video

Okay for public distribution. Updated 6-11-18 (with real Noah)

“Virtual Group” terminology version

Virtual Group – Download High Quality h264 (102MB)

“Online Group” terminology version

Online Group – Download High Quality h264 (102MB)


MyBSF Concept Designs Images

Updated 3-4-18

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